Working with Douze It

Douze It recognizes you as a person with skills, needs and aspirations. At Douze It, your talents are honed, your achievements are recognized, and your every contribution is valued.

We have consistently received accolades for providing a caring, stress-free work environment that is conducive to holistic personal growth. Douze It, as we like to call ourselves, believes in delivering outstanding technology-based services and solutions with Imagination, Action, and Joy. We take a people-centric approach to running our business. Policies and Programs are feedback-driven, demographics-based, designed inclusively and reviewed regularly to ensure that they keep abreast of changing expectations.

Learning at Douze It
Learning at Douze It is learner-centric, aligned to business goals and customer needs. We identify emerging technologies and methodologies which we then adopt using a combination of skill acquisition, skill partnering, and re-skilling initiatives.

At Douze It we believe in offering much more than just a job; we strive to give you a full-fledged career.

Focus area at Douze It
The focus areas of HR include Communication, Knowledge Management, Organizational Development, Training and Development and Employee Potential Development. Through these, we ensure considerable success in fostering behavior and actions that are consistent with stated organizational expectations and policies.

At Douze It, we are constantly looking for motivated, passionate people to join our various departments. If you make the commitment to join our team, we will provide good career opportunities. So why not explore the possibilities that follow by sending your resume to :