Gift your employees / business partners Life-Safety and let them fondly remember you for life!

Corporate gifting is one important occasion for you to make the recipient smile and make a significant impact on the receivers’ entire life. Ideally the thoughtful gift should impact the recipient’s entire family: let everyone sing praises of your smart thinking and wow-gift.

Can anything be more valuable than our lives?

Gift your employees/partners Douze it Fire extinguishers that are portable, lightweight (all aluminium) and extremely user friendly. With a superior exterior finish they look classy and enhance the décor of any office/home and with CO2 as its content they are excellent for dousing electrical and gas/oil fires the 2 most common fires at our homes/offices: electrical short circuits and/or kitchen fires.

Douze it Fire Extinguishers come in different handy sizes and are extremely light weight and its CO2 quickly and effectively extinguishes most of the home and office fires within few seconds. This is because its light weight allows users to easily lift and point the CO2 dispensing nozzle to the source of fire and this effectively douses the fire pretty fast: before it rages to un-controllable 2rd or 3rd stage (within few minutes!). And don’t forget to gift yourself one Douzeit too (for your own home and office!)

Bulk orders for Douze it smart fire-extinguishers corporate gifts come with a free demonstration cum training session for all your recipients. Go ahead and secure your precious friends/employees/partners’ lives with Douzeit CO2 fire extinguishers. Its one gift that you will always be remembered for!

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