Engineering Marvel

When it’s a question of saving human lives, we have to ensure that only the best technology and superior materials are used: especially in Fire Extinguishers. Douze It fire-extinguishers are all aluminium cylinders that are light weight, extremely user friendly, highly reliable and known to be fail-safe in extreme situations. Made in our Faridabad factory, these cylinders and accompanying accessories are engineering marvels manufactured to exacting global standards of Luxfer, world’s pioneer-leader in aluminium gas cylinders.

A series of breakthrough technological advancements since it first made an aluminium cylinder in 1941 has helped Luxfer to become world leader in supplying fire extinguisher and life-support cylinders for fire fighters and other emergency personnel. Luxfer Gas Cylinders has introduced many major innovations in gas containment, including its patented higher-strength L7X® aluminium alloy and its advanced composite technologies.

Douze It smart CO2 fire extinguishers are not only engineering marvels adhering to global standards e.g. CE marking but also extremely good looking with superior external paint and a wow finish. Take advantage of Douze It’s technical superiority to purchase good quality cylinders that you conveniently use to douze fires quickly and even proudly display in living rooms, offices, cars, factory floors and hotel lobbies/alleyway.