Douze IT range of fire extinguishers is sold with two brand names Desino (means douse in latin) and Ignis (means fire in latin. Up to 40% lighter in weight than comparable steel cylinders, Douze It aluminium fire extinguishers are portable, highly corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic. Available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and surface finishes, including impact-resistant powder coatings that both protect and beautify. Douze It fire extinguishers have been specifically designed with non-magnetic components making them suitable for hospital MRI scanner rooms and other areas where there is a strong magnetic field.

Douze It CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for quickly and conveniently ‘killing’ fires in electrical equipment, Class B and C fires. These extinguishers made to the highest global standards are recognised for their non-damaging highly effective performance and cleanliness. Because the gas is harmless to delicate equipment and materials, it is ideal for modern office environments, all electrical risks and where inflammable items like oils, spirits, solvents and waxes are in use.

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Desino - is our premium range of aesthetically supreme light weight Carbon Dioxide extinguishers. Polished to perfection this silver colour redifines the space allocated for displaying extinguishers in modern day homes and buildings. Feel safe and stylish knowing that you can actually lift the extinguisher when you need it and it actually works. With an ergonomically superior squeeze grip valve you no longer need to waste time turning jammed knobs.

Models: Desino ( DFX2, DFX3 & DFX4.5)

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Desino-R is a variant of our Desino range in which the neck of the cylinder is red and the remaining body is in a buffed matt finished silver cylinder.

Models: Desino R (DFX2R, DFX3R & DFX4.5 R)

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IGNIS (latin word for fire) is our Classic range of red colour extinguishers . Made out of a patented alloy this is no ordinary red cylinder. With a smooth surface and special paint treatment. This extinguisher is a class apart.

Models: IFX2, IFX3 & IFX4.5